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Release Date: June, 2022

Throughout the discovery of my own love and passion for writing I have sincerely been inspired to create a platform shaped around the idea of having a safe haven that cultivates intimate and organic conversations between writers from all walks of life. A resort where artist can come to escape from judgment or restraint as they share their most vulnerable and humbling stories of their journeys as poets.




Release Date: September 2022

I have learned that in order to be successful in life, in order to thrive, and to grow as a human, one must be in tune with and accepting of change. All that exists among us is the embodiment of things evolving and changing. 
I will always be “determined on evolving.”  And my  poetry is simply my way of embracing that journey, in hopes to one day allow it to be a guide for others who are traveling the same paths in life.

Child of Poseidon.heic



Release Date: Coming Soon

I have known for many years that venturing into writing this book would be one of the most fulfilling things in life that I would do. Even after making a big deal about writing this book to everyone, however, the truth is I still harvested reserved feelings about actually doing it.  
I’ve had to accept that, being the type of writer I am, it essentially meant that I would have to come to terms with the fact that the gift I have to share with the world directly involves revealing the most intimate and vulnerable parts of myself.
So, what I decided is that I will write this book with the idea in mind that no one will actually see me but instead see themselves. 
Thank you for being apart of this journey.


Release Date: July 2022

Jennifer, best known as Jen, has been an artist for most of her life. Art and writing became her outlet at a very young age. Experiencing life through art, creative writing, and poetry, Jen has found herself on a journey of discovery. Throughout this journey, she has evolved as a woman, entrepreneur, artist, writer, and educator. She shares her journey of evolution through her work as a writer and speaker. She continues to impact lives time and time again as a humanitarian, advocate, and artist through her meaningful words that speak directly to the souls of her audience in need of new perspectives and inspiration for healing.



Release Date: June 2022

Feel free to check out highlights of my work and stories I’ve collected along the way. I’m proud of my unique ability to capture the most genuine and memorable moments in time. I'm always happy to see people enjoy the stories I tell through the content I create, so please get in touch if you’d like to see your event captured in the most memorable ways.